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Good Friday! Not only that it was Good Friday; it was a great day for the students of EPP SOFIE; it was an honor to serve the students. We first started with a Soccer tournament which is the main sport in Africa. Playing soccer not only keeps them active; it keeps them fit. Next with the help of the Mothers of the village; a big meal was prepared and served to the students (everything is all natural; cultivated; very organic) you will rarely see a kid who is obese; even adults. Last and not least we gave out trophies to the soccer team who won such as T-Shirts and trophies.


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Angels’ Love, Inc. was founded on February 06, 2015 in Lawrenceville, Ga by Patricia A. Kouassi with the help of Carlos Foley and Michele Watkins with creative ideas.

Patricia wanted to help families and individuals live healthier lives, ensure the assistance was available for those who lived alone and needed in home assistance...