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  • Herbal medicine
    Herbal Medicine is The practice of using medicinal herbs to promote health,
    prevent and/or treat disease. Herbal medicines the study or practice of the medicinal...
  • Holistic nutrition
    Holistic Medicine is a form of healing that considers the whole person body,
    mind, spirit, and emotions in the quest for optimal health and wellness...
  • Physical therapy
    Physical therapy is one of the best choices you can make when you have long-term
    pain (also called chronic pain) or an injury. It makes you stronger and helps...
  • Traditional medicine
    Traditional medicine is the sum total of the knowledge, skills, and practices based
    on the theories, beliefs, and experiences indigenous to different...



Our Vision

Angels’ Love takes holistic approach in preventive medicine through education and hands on methods



Our mission

Angels’ Love is align with the Affordable Care Act, Focusing on preventing diseases and illnesses



Our goal

Angels’ Love Inc. is organized exclusively for the charitable, educational and religious purpose



Our objective

The objective, business and mission of Angels’ Love Inc. is non-political, and will not engage

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Upcoming Events

Angels' Love Inc. has been a Proud Sponsor for ATL Elephants FC for the past 5 years. On that the night they added another 2 more sponsors, BOLCA (Bundle of Love Christian Academy) to support the kids during the summer and Golden Cave.

Mother... You filled my days with rainbow lights, Fairytales and sweet dream nights, A kiss to wipe away my tears, Gingerbread to ease my fears. You gave the gift of life to me And then in love, you set me free. I thank you for your tender care, For deep warm hugs and being there. I hope that when you think of me A part of you You’ll always see. ~ Anon.

Strive to be the best by making a change
in someone's life daily.


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About Us

Angels’ Love, Inc. was founded on February 06, 2015 in Lawrenceville, Ga by Patricia A. Kouassi with the help of Carlos Foley and Michele Watkins with creative ideas.

Patricia wanted to help families and individuals live healthier lives, ensure the assistance was available for those who lived alone and needed in home assistance...